How to increase your property’s value: Get a fair price for your home

In the modern era, real estate has become a real battlefield. Selling an old house is not easy, so you must prioritise some areas for improvement in order to get a fair price. Investing in …

In the modern era, real estate has become a real battlefield. Selling an old house is not easy, so you must prioritise some areas for improvement in order to get a fair price. Investing in your house before selling is a strategic move that could help you gain significant returns. From eco-friendly initiatives for energy to enhancing the aesthetic of the house, it’s vital to elevate your property appeal for potential buyers or renters who look for a modern and comfortable living place. The first impression matters, so despite the small cracks on the walls, a fresh coat of paint and a modern kitchen are aspects that catch the eye of the visitors and evaluators and can boost the value significantly. In this article, explore the approaches and improvements that can help you maximise the value of your house in the competitive real estate market:

How to increase your property’s value: Get a fair price for your home

Expand liveable space

No matter the current dimensions of your property, you can expand the liveable space by removing a wall or reconfiguring an existing room. However, before making this improvement, make sure you comply with the local building codes. To expand the house, there are plenty of things you can do. For example, you can consider the main floor expansion with careful planning to blend the extension with your exterior space. You can enlarge a bathroom or add a completely new space, creating a new architecture. Another solution is to redefine the perimeter of the flooring plan to gain more space. Even if it’s a small extension you can have enough space for a sitting area, a home office or a breakfast nook, which are aspects that can significantly add value to your property.

Improve energy efficiency

Nowadays, environmental concerns are not a trend anymore, but they have become a necessity. When it comes to real estate, this eco-mindset is a key point you should consider to increase the value of your property. Green houses are usually priced at a premium, as the energy-efficient initiative reduces utility bills and maintenance expenses considerably. In real estate, sellers highlight the importance of energy efficiency and can successfully boost the property’s price. Some improvements consist of the installation of solar panels, smart thermostats, insulation in the walls, double-glazing, and energy-efficient lights. These sustainability improvements can boost a property EPC score by 5 to 10 points. You can seek professional help from auditors to identify the weak areas that need to be enhanced and find the right strategies that could add value to your home.

Priorities the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home, the focal point that catches the eye, so a makeover is essential to boost the price of the house. First of all, consider bringing the kitchen into the modern era with elegant flooring like quartz or marble, and opt for bright colours to make the room appear bigger and brighter. Let go of the traditional dining table and consider a multifunctional island instead so that you can provide the new homeowners with plenty of storage and a modern solution for a multi-purpose work surface. Also, consider that handleless kitchens are the latest ultra-modern trend, creating a sleek and clean look, serving both functionality and aesthetics. Don’t forget about modern appliances either, so consider integrating smart gadgets to embrace technology. For example, you can add a smart refrigerator, coffee maker and oven. If a full remodel exceeds your budget, you can always focus on the key points that can transform the look of your home. So, prioritise the cabinetry and a fresh coat of paint.

Refresh with a coat of paint

Let’s start by saying that paint can say a lot about your house, because it can be a sign that the property is well-maintained, thus, it positively influences the potential buyers’ decision. A fresh coat of paint for your entire house can give a fresh look and enhance the selling potential of the property, because as you might know, a good first impression in the real estate field is all that matters to win.

Enhance curb appeal

Even if you designed an ultra-modern interior, the initial glimpse of the exterior of your property can influence the buyer’s perception. Curb appeal is the way your house looks from the outside, so it must be attractive from the streets. The conditions of the exterior and overall landscape aesthetic can prove to be great maintenance, and they are aspects that contribute significantly to the price rise of the house. To improve the curb appeal, first of all, consider repainting the house because, as we’ve mentioned before, a fresh and clean look can make a difference. Also, if the doors are old, consider replacing them with a more durable material like hardwood. In addition, to definitely improve the aesthetic of your garden in the buyers’ eyes, consider hiring a professional to create an outstanding landscape design, and, of course, don’t forget to make the most of your driveway by giving it a wash and cleaning it properly.

Let an inspector evaluate your home

A home inspection conducted by a professional is a crucial step in order to ensure a fair price for your house. An inspector can evaluate the overall conditionals of your home’s structure for the interior and exterior, utility systems like electrical, plumbing, heat and water and they identify any needed repairs, helping you make the most of your house makeover to sell it at the best market price. Still, to estimate an exact market value, a licensed appraiser can come in to help.

The bottom line

Getting involved in the real estate world is not an easy game, because it can be hard to stand apart from competitors in this field, but we hope this article inspires you to make the most of your property and get the price your beloved house deserves. Remember that first impression matters, so make sure you focus on the right aspects that catch the eye of your potential buyers.

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